Malena Morgan Is Just So Damn Sexy

malena morgan sexy
In many of my posts here I am trying to highlight what makes a girl or a scene seem sexy. Often it’s the sexy way they dress, maybe lingerie or short shorts, or perhaps it’s the location, the action, or the way that the scene was shot that adds a certain amount of sexiness to the whole deal. From schoolgirl uniforms to see thru lingerie, all different things can make a girl sexy.

Then there is Malena Morgan. Forget what she wears, forget where she is shot, forget what she is doing – this girl is just plain sexy from the word go. An informal survey with some of my friends got me the same feedback all the time, this girl is hot no matter what she is doing, and even some candid pics of her without any makeup and stuff still shows her off as hot. How hot? Well, Mila Kunis has been marked as the FHM sexiest girl on the planet, and Malena Morgan blows her away at every turn.

Malena Morgan has an amazing sexy body, firm breasts, a wonderful ass, and sexy legs, and oh yeah, she loves to get naked and play. This set from Sexart shows her off in all of her glory and then some, a truly sexy, stunning babe!

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