FTV Girls Taylor


This busty cutie comes from Dallas, Texas, and she’s got that girl-next-door look… Looking like an innocent cutie at a old town area, she flashes her breasts when she can, but not without catching peoples’ attention!  More breast views at a park, then stripping down to her undies for more sexy views.  Not an exhibitionist, but more a girl who is comfortable in the nude, and she loves to show off those full, firm breasts!  Back home, she uses a vibrator to masturbate naked, and has a strong, natural orgasm.  We get some extreme closeups of the penetration.  Then with some cream, she gives her big breasts a hard massage, squeezing them and shaking them in all the erotic angles.  She’s in the bed, and we check out her curvaceous body — and in a voyeuristic way, watch her masturbate to another strong orgasm.  She spreads for us in detail, and gaping her private parts, and shows us how tight she is by holding the toy inside her.  She then puts on some sexy purple lingerie, poses for us, and heads to the pool.  There she tries on a cute green swimsuit, and plays with her breasts some more.  Using her favorite toy, she masturbates again, and has another strong orgasm.  Not too crazy, not too wild, but a well-mannered and genuine girl for FTV 🙂

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