FTV Girls Penny


We discover an innocent-looking employee working at a busy rock convention and talk to her… she’s cute, still a teen, and has that ‘intellectual’ look with those glasses of hers.  She soon warms up to flashing her breasts, and in no time she’s flashing and going topless… right in the courtyard where there’s dozens of people hanging out!  We take it a step further, and have her get all out naked… but a security guard catches us and forces us to leave.  Well, Penny seems to love it, so we go to the 4th floor lobby, where she once again gets completely naked, then masturbates right there, as people come out of the elevator!  Stirring up a lot of trouble, its time to leave.  Going to her hotel room, she masturbates with a toy… a long masturbation that leads to multiple orgasms!  Then an experiment, she rides the Glass FTV Toy, and sees how far down she can go.  Then Lia & Alison come in to help…  Later in the day, she wears a cute black dress with silver heels, and does a ‘fashion shoot gone explicit’ in a very public area (a local fair is going on).  She starts playing with herself, fingering, then using a glass toy until she has one strong orgasm!  Very risky once again…  Back in the safety of the FTV house, she puts on some red lingerie, and takes a rather large butt plug anally!  Closeups of it going in and out, then taking a large vibrator, and pushing it anally as well.  Double penetrating with fingers and the vibrator, she rubs hard until she has one last orgasm.  Then she gapes her butt wide for you to see…  Another First Time girl who you will only see on FTV.

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