FTV Girls Mandee


Coming down from San Diego, she’s been very excited about shooting for FTV!  A warm personality, gorgeous smile, she’s got that youthful 18-year old sexuality ready to burst!  Getting naked the moment she arrived from the airport, she shows off her figure, then puts on a sexy/dressy outfit.  Out at an office park, she flashes her breasts and gives us upskirt views.  Enjoying masturbation so much, she rubs herself hard on the nearby bench (risking getting caught!) and actually has a strong orgasm with just her fingers.  Back home, she puts on some sexy ‘maid outfit’ lingerie and heels.  She does a hard breast and butt massage, then fingers her butt and even double penetrates herself with her fingers!  This time using a vibrator, she masturbates again and has an even stronger orgasm (notice the strong contractions!).  Out at lunch, its mostly a risky, topless interview about her private sex life, and she gets away with a little more…  Waking up the next day in nighties, she welcomes us to her bed, and does a hard finger rub to another strong, natural orgasm.  We get extreme closeups of her private parts, and along with it some 3-4 finger penetration!  Putting on a sporty outfit, its time for a run at the canal, going topless for some of it and getting caught!  Fingering herself hard, she wants more… so going to the pink room, she puts her hair in pigtails and masturbates once more with an egg vibrator to one final, strong orgasm.  Another beautiful teen for FTV!

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