FTV Girls Larysa And Faye Part Two


In part two of their Hawaii adventure, the girls get up early to hit a beach quite popular with surfers.  Wearing cute bikinis, they take no time in going all out naked, playing the waves, and chasing each other around.  A lot of surfers stand to watch them, and the girls love the attention!  We watch them get playful on the rocks, then all sandy as we have extreme closeups of their breasts and private parts.  They start playing with each other, and massaging each others’ breasts & butt.  For the first time ever, Faye decides to do some anal penetration, and fingers her butt as well… right there in front of the surfers!  Back to their bedroom, they take two different vibrators, and penetrate themselves with the toys, taking turns to pound each other to strong orgasms.  Then Faye talks about her fisting video she did when she first came to FTV…  So Faye gets fisted by Larysa, who has never fisted anyone before.  It starts slow, but then gets harder as Larysa makes her hand disappear inside Faye, moving it around in every angle.  Faye actually has an orgasm from it!!  On their final day in Hawaii, they pick out two cute summer dresses with colors that make them stand out in the crowd… not that they need more attention!  At a coffee shop, they get all intimate again, playing with each other, then even more so at a park bench right in front of the busy Waikiki area.  Totally fearless of getting into trouble, we’re lucky that they got away with all the things they did in public!  Two total hotties with a lot of chemistry, enjoy this beautiful Hawaii update 🙂

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