FTV Girls Katie


Its by no coincidence that Katie picked out her name for the fact that she looks a lot like the actress Katie Holmes… but probably a lot more sexual as you shall see in the video.  She and Alison fool around at a restaurant and park, risking it flashing her breasts, then having her dress up in a sexy black dress, and getting caught at a resort!  She goes home to masturbate using her fingers, and has a nice strong natural orgasm.  She goes to the dressing room, and tries on several cute lingerie, picking one and ending up on the couch, playing with herself watching TV.  Alison comes to seduce her, massaging her breasts and together they start feeling each others full breasts.  Katie picks out a toy, and masturbates again, having another strong(er) orgasm!  Some extreme closeups of her private parts… later that night, she meets up with Lia, and gives both Lia & Alison a lapdance, then rides a champagne bottle!  The next day, we see her playing with herself again, then putting on a cute dress to show off and flash in another restaurant and parking area.  After the security guard tells us to leave, she puts on a very sexy black outfit & stockings, then plays with her hairbrush handle like a toy, and has one last orgasm… falling asleep on the bed.

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