FTV Girls Carina


Naked under the sheets, this babyfaced cutie wakes up to reveal perfect firm round breasts, and what a perfect butt!  Stretching and then playing with herself, she starts fingering and turning herself on.  After deep fingering with three or more fingers, she goes to the bathroom to check herself out in the mirror.  Such big beautiful brown eyes…  Trying on a few tops, bras & panties, she then heads out to the mall.  Its a cold & rainy day, and as she flashes her breasts in public, you can see those hard perky nipples and the goosebumps on her breasts!  Going home, she uses her fingers to have a nice, natural orgasm.  Putting on some cute dresses and heels, she fingers herself again, turning herself on… then uses a vibrator for some really deep penetration to orgasm.  Then it goes extreme — she tries a second vibrator, and double-stuffs her vagina with two toys, then uses a third toy to have an incredibly strong, 3rd orgasm!  She then takes it farther, and pushes one toy anally, and double penetrates herself that way!  Putting her hair in a ponytail, and wearing a schoolgirl mini-skirt, she gives herself a hard breast & butt massage.  She then tries another extreme thing for her first time — fisting!  She starts slow, but it gets harder and faster (and deep!) until she is completely worn out.  Some deep inside closeups…  This teen is a first time cutie who you will only find on FTV 🙂

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