FTV Girls Brigitte


This gorgeous sultry teen is a total First Time Video girl!  She goes from a first time experience using a vibrator to having non-stop orgasms throughout the shoot!  Gorgeous, with a sexy, fit and athletic form, we tend to notice that perfect butt first!  Full lips, beautiful eyes, and guess what… she’s got braces too!  After an introductory interview, she is warmed up with some stripping down in the clothes she came with, then letting her show off some of her assets (beautiful breasts, butt).  She also has talent!  As a former cheerleader, she is extremely flexible, and does some acrobatics both indoors and outside in the most public of places… without anything on!  In a very sexy dress & heels, she does more teasing and upskirt, then fingers herself until a security guard shows up.  At home she has a first time experience with a vibrator, and she loves it!  She can’t seem to stop, and has multiple orgasms (some very strong & rapid vaginal contractions!).  We get some extreme closeup views, as well as toy penetration.  In the cutest white dress, she flashes at a restaurant, then goes bottomless at a bank, and does more cartwheels in public… naked!  Then she attempts the extreme — the Big Ten Toy.  She takes it very deep!  However, its just a little too big for her, so she moves to two vibrators instead.  The double toy action (the toys get double-penetrated!) gets her off even more, and she can’t seem to stop masturbating.  In fact, the photographer had to interrupt her after her 6th orgasm!  We then watch her do a sexy breast and butt massage, all in her fine black lingerie and heels.  Then comes the ultimate toy:  The Vibraking.  This most powerful vibrator becomes the love of her life, as she uses it with such intensity, that she actually shocked us both, and squirted all over!  Another total First Time Experience for her, she had never squirted in her life.  At least a dozen orgasms in one day, this beautiful, sultry and super-sexual teen is only here for you, exclusively on FTV 🙂

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