FTV Girls Alexa Loren 2


The superhottie Alexa returns, back by popular demand, in another mega, comprehensive update!  She’s looking better than ever, and she gets even more daring this time.  Wearing a hot classy pair of pants and sexy top, she visits a major department store, and flashes her breasts, gets naked all over the furniture!  She even sits next to other customers and watches their reaction as her breasts pop out!  Trying to play with herself on a bed at the furniture store, she gets caught…  Well she loves the attention, so she goes to a public pool with several guys around, wearing a really sexy swimsuit.  The breasts come out, and she masturbates right there, in the middle of the pool!  The guys are loving it.  Simply not having enough of public nudity, she goes to a park, and while the sprinklers are on, she gets totally naked, running around and getting wet!  Another park to be found, and she’s masturbating again, to a squirting orgasm!  On the next day, she’s baking cookies for you, topless of course.  On the kitchen counter, she starts masturbating, using her fingers to get off.  Later in the day in pigtails looking so cute, she teases us and gives us a nice breast massage, and does some topless hula-hoop action.  Later that night, wearing a hot tennis outfit (some of you members requested this… specifically!) she plays some tennis, but without any panties.  While others are playing in the background, she plays with herself, and her breasts are out for all to see!  She is definitely not shy.  Another morning, and she’s in some casual wear with pink heels, and teases us some more.  Masturbating on the bed, she can bring herself to orgasm with just her fingers!  Then its time for a hike, and an encounter with a rattlesnake oh my!  Some hard breast massage in the sunset, with some cowboy-style shooting involved.  Sticking to the cowboy theme, she visits a local bar where they have a mechanical bull… so she rides it as best as she can while the guys all enjoy the view.  Another mega-update of this very popular hottie!

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