Bailey Blue Sexy and Nerdy

bailey blue sexy and nerdyThere is just a whole lot of sexy stuff going on in this wild scene from sexy girl bailey Blue. it’s one of those wonderful almost overwhelming scenes where you have to look a few times to take it all in.

The setting it colorful but somehow not overwhelming, the setting is sparse but with plenty of play with, and the lighting and mood is amazing. Bailey Blue looks fucking awesome hot, her long legs in stockings, her lingerie small but present, and her body toned and soft. I particularly like the nerdy hipster style glasses which give her that look of the horny librarian or perhaps another extra for Big Bang Theory or something like that, sort of smart and hot and naughty and wild and quiet. All of those things are sexy as it gets.

I particularly like the stockings and her long legs, I find this look very hot and she pulls it off well, this girl is incredibly hot in all sorts of ways!

Want more? Check out the full scene and more on Bailey Blue’s official new site here!

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