FTV Girls Lisa A Blast From The Past


She is even hotter than before!  Leggy, toned, sexy body, with a supercute face, and she still loves to orgasm and squirt!  Meeting up with Lia, she does some nude posing in the sexy jeans & t-shirt she came with, then tries on several different outfits for Lia.  Outdoors, in a cute green summer dress, she starts rubbing and fingering herself, turning herself on, then heads over to the glass table, and finds her favorite vibrator ready.  The toy makes her go through extreme orgasms, more than we could count… and she started squirting all over the glass table!  A second view of the action under the table give another perspective…  Once satisfied, she plays with her juices, writing her name in it, pressing her breasts in it, and licking it up!  After fooling around with Lia, she then does another sexy photoshoot, that leads to some ’s&m’ with nipple clamps, which she also uses on her long pussy lips, to make them stretch further.  With a set of 4 ‘ben-wa’ balls, she starts stuffing them inside, then letting them dangle and pull out in a series of hot photos & video.  Finally, half naked, she brings out her favorite vibrator again, and proceeds to masturbate for another few orgasms… in the front yard!  Her juices squirt out, caught by the camera, and she is a very happy girl once again!

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