FTV Girls Layla


We’re introduced to this sultry & sexy Middle Eastern girl with freckles (half French, half Lebanese) while she walks down a street in a sexy black dress & heels. She’s never done anything like this before, and she’s just a little nervous — no sooner is she a natural at it all! Flashing her breasts, taking her panties off, giving us upskirt views and playing with herself — in this public place. Going home, she bring out her personal blue vibrator, and has a nice, natural orgasm (throughout her orgasms through the day, notice her strong vaginal contractions). We get some closeups of her clit, her wet vagina, and the juices inside as she spreads wide. After opening up about some of her sexual experiences, we discover that she really is a very sexual girl, with a conservative past. Putting on some sexy lingerie & heels, she poses for us… Casting all inhibitions aside, she masturbates again with another stronger vibrator, and has several orgasms! Out at lunch, she flashes some more, then goes outdoors for more nudity. This time she’s wearing a cute white dress, running around barefoot. Finding a place to masturbate again, she gets caught… time to move on, and get kinky! Back home, she brings out a zucchini, and stuffs it as deep as it goes, and rides it hard! She does the same with a banana, both very hot and sexy to watch (especially with those long sexy legs of hers!). She then masturbates again, with another vibrator, to one last, strong orgasm. Enjoy this total First Time Video Girl, exclusive only to FTV!

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