Ember Reigns Sexy In Red Lingerie

Busty hotty Ember Reigns is back with some new stuff on her hot personal site, and this time she is almost going sexy nerdy on us.

Ember Reigns is wearing her glasses this time, and I think it gives her sort of that hot teacher / librarian thing. Now I will admit, many of us (me included) missed the glasses on the first glance, because we were immediately drawn to her absolutely ginormous cleavage. I mean, wow. You know her boobs aren’t entirely real, but this is exactly the look girls want when they get them pumped up. Talk about never ending cleavage.

The red lingerie sort of helps out too, it barely covers her in a very naughty sort of way, and really lets our minds enjoy the shave and curve of her boobs. She turns around and proves her ass is up to the job too, a really nice pair of cheeks. She even proves there aren’t any panties under all of this, and gets really intimate. So not only is she sexy, but she is sexual too!

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