Teen Mae Olsen Ready For Action

They always say you should watch the quiet ones. Mae Olsen has a pretty interesting story of growing up as a quiet and horny teen, and she certainly isn’t shy about it now:

In school I was kind of nerdy. I had lots of friends but I definitely wasn’t in with the cool crowd, and I was (and still am) a pretty big science geek. Everyone thought of me as this nice girl who got good grades. Most people didn’t know that I have this really slutty side. I didn’t go around talking about how much I thought about dick, but sex was always on my mind. It wasn’t too long before I decided that I wanted to fuck in front of a camera. I’ve just started but it’s been awesome so far. If anyone from school knew that I was doing this I think they would be shocked

She’s a hotty for sure, sexy small tits, tight twat, and oh yeah, she loves the cock! This is one horny teen you won’t want to miss!

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