Miosotis Biggest Boobs In The World?

This post is sort of a bonus thing, as I found a girl that is so out of the ordinary and out of the range of possibility that I figured I should share her with you as soon as I saw the pics. Miosotis has got probably the largest natural boobs in the world, bar none. I have never seen boobs this big, especially not on a girl who is otherwise not particularly large. Except for her giant tuber-boobies, Miosotis is actually a pretty typical ebony girl, little bit of hips, little big of butt, and a cute enough face too. But damn, those tits are huge, natural, and amazing. If you are a lover of the absolutely supersize of tits, well, you will not find bigger!

See more of Miosotis at Scoreland… she has the hugest tits you will ever find!

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