Mena Suvari

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America was hypnotized by the sight of totally nude Mena Suvari as a nubile knockout whose tits and pussy are barely covered in rose petals, presumably the same kind that give the movie its name, in a hallucinatory vision that is one of the most memorable images in the 1999 Oscar-winning drama American Beauty.Naked Mena shines as a cheerleader who makes the dreams of her friend s horny dad come true when she unbuttons her uniform to show off her naked breasts. Mena s other memorable roles include another sexy cheerleader in Sugar & Spice and a hooker whose filmy negligee barely covers her tits in David Mamet s Edmond. In 2007 Mena showed off her nude breasts and butt again in the horror flick Stuck, which was sure to leave its viewers sticky. Since then we have been treated to a naked Mena Suvari in The Mysteries of Pittsburgh and The Garden of Eden. There s no sweeter forbidden fruit that Mena s ripe boobs…. >>> read more

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