Lexi Belle Cute and Sexy

Lexi Belle will probably be one of my all time personal favorite pornstars, in part because I have sort of seen her grow up in the porn world. She started out as Lexie Nubiles, an insanely sexy but scrawny little 18 year old, and over the space of a few years, she has grown up and out and become one of the truly sexy babes in the porn world.

Just as important, Lexi Belle is still cute as hell. This set has her in purple knee socks, striped panties, and sun glasses, looking all the world like someone who got confused on the way to the beach. her big smile and her sexy pout alternate as she slowly loses all the clothes and has herself a very good time. Her sexy body has matured so well, her natural curves are great, and this little energizer bunny of a girl just shows no hint of slowing down any time soon!

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