FTV Girls Kirsten And Natalie


On the first day, we’re introduced to Natalie, a supercute blonde with a beautiful smile, and a strong desire for masturbation!  We watch her as she wakes up in the comfy bed, and stretches out… then gives her body a nice breast & butt massage.  Trying out different bras & panties for us, she starts teasing and rubbing herself.  Then pulling out the ‘magic wand’ vibrator, she brings herself to a nice, natural orgasm.  We get extreme closeups of her private parts, and her very tight little vagina.  Out at a photoshoot by a car, she runs into Kirsten, and like old friends, they re-acquaint themselves with each other, and start fooling around right away.  They do love their dresses & heels…  On the next day, we watch them in sexy black dress & heels at a fancy mall.  They start getting affectionate, making out and breast play in this public place.  Then they go all out, going down on each other… until they are caught by a security guard (all caught on tape!).  Kicked out of one mall, off to another beautiful public area where they continue their affection and sexy play.  Back home, then go down on each other, then move to a 69 position.  Kirsten introduces Natalie to the Vibraking, and it makes her go crazy!  Then its Kirsten’s turn and she has a strong orgasm.  Fingering, tasting, and just fooling around, they put on some sexy lingerie and heels, and continue to play with each other.  We get extreme closeups of their private parts as they help spread each other, then do some foot massage and foot kissing.  Kirsten wants to be fisted, and so Natalie slowly works her hand in… until it gone deep past the wrist!  Hard fisting turns crazier when she tries to double fist Kirsten!!  Later that night, they put on some girly stockings, bra & panties, and do some hard ‘tribbing’ (grinding their vaginas together) and more toy play.  Thank Kirsten for introducing her bisexual friend Natalie!

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