Denise Richards

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Denise Richards has been in the news for her rocky marriage to and messy divorce from notorious pussy hound Charlie Sheen put her in the headlines more often than anything else. But even with all the drama, Denise’s jaw-dropping hotness is the real news. With her flashing green eyes, thick lustrous, mane of hair, and pillowy lips, it’s no wonder she was cast in the 1999 comedy Drop Dead Gorgeous!1998 brought with it a modern film noir called Wild Things and Denise’s first and, to date, only nude scene. In one of the most gratifying surprises in movie history, and an all-time favorite of subscribers, the plot takes a sharp turn just before the on-hour mark in which Denise launches into an intense lesbian makeout with Neve Campbell before getting topless and showing off her naked tits in time for Matt Dillon to pour champagne all over them. Denise Richards’s bare-chested girl-girl antics will have you popping a cork, too!… >>> read more

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