Danielle FTV Good Morning Wood


So I’m finally using the purple lingerie that I bought with T-Bone’s gift (a Victoria’s Secret giftcard). This is one of my first shoots with my hair being super, super blonde. Actually thinking about it now, you guys probably see a lot of hair color changes with me. I tend to get my hair colored every month and always like to change it up when I go in. I’m probably going to keep it this color for awhile or maybe go a little lighter.  So anyways back to the video, I really wanted to do a facial video, but since I’m not super experienced with…well hardcore in general I didn’t realize that the best facial shots are when the guy is above you not lying down. I mean gravity kicks in and the cum ends up more on your hands than your face. Oh well…it’s a learning process for me, and one that you guys get to experience with me!

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