Danielle FTV A Risky Behavior


I didn’t realize that when I picked out the pink shirt to wear for my shoot that I had already worn in before in another shoot. I’ve really only worn it once before (for the Splash and Squirt video) and I’ve never worn it in public. I really prepared for this shoot since I knew it was going to be my most public shoot of the year (or at least so far this year.) I got airbrush tanned the night before so I am definitely looking WAY darker than I normally do. When I was looking at some of the pictures from this shoot I noticed a couple spots that are a bit darker than the rest of my body (like my vajayjay.) I also grew out my pubic hair for this shoot since I’ve gotten quite a few requests for hairy shoots. Nobody seemed all too bothered about my walking around with my boobs out and I got caught so many times when I was completely naked…it was kind of embarassing!

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