Amanda Peet

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With the pleading eyes and tempting body to get a man to anything she pleases, Amanda Peet is a hard one to resist. Especially when she s showing off her perfect B-cup breasts. The brunette beauty has shown her sex appeal with alluring turns in movies like Origin of the Species, Whipped, Saving Silverman, High Crimes, Something s Gotta Give, Identity, and A Lot Like Love.But Amanda is at her best when she s revealing her chest, as she s done in The Whole Nine Yards and Igby Goes Down. Hopefully Igby isn t the only one who goes down! Now that she has a child and is demonstrating her mature side in roles like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Syriana, and The X Files: I Want To Believe, our prospects of seeing more of Amanda Peet nude seem slim, but her Something s Gotta Give costar Diane Keaton flashed tits and pussy at age 57 after over two decades of keeping covered, so maybe Amanda learned a thing or two…. >>> read more

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